Swimming speed


Swimming speed is an important part of swimming which is quite often overlooked, especially as a lot of coaches and swimmers still believe that the more miles you swim the faster you are going to be. Swimming large distances will make you good at swimming large distances but unless we are racing these large distances you can waste a lot of time training for the sake of training. Most people want to be ‘faster’ at swimming - the best way to become faster at swimming is to train to become faster and this means swimming faster, not longer.

The great thing about speed training is that it does not take up a lot of time and if done right can improve your swimming greatly. To improve speed you need to commit to pushing yourself to the absolute maximum each short swimming sprint you do - always believing you can get faster and faster.

If you are neglecting your speed, try adding some short distance speed sets into your program and practice to become a faster swimmer. The faster you are, the easier your old ‘fast speed’ becomes.

Practicing speed has many benefits:

  • Faster swimming
  • Builds strength and power
  • Great fitness work-out if done as interval training
  • Fast and easy way to maintain fitness if you have very limited time
  • Can keep you injury free as it builds strength in areas which are prone to being injured through over-use
  • Has been shown to increase heart strength if used as a high intensity interval training session
  • Fun!