7 actions to get your lost motivation back – More motivation, increased performance

Everybody will go through times of lost motivation, especially in the offseason. It can sometimes be a little frustrating not being motivated when deep inside you really want to be. Without motivation, training becomes really hard! Instead of waiting to become motivated again take action and accelerate your return to motivation and back to training with a purpose.


1. Change up


Change up your routine, the way you train or where you train. A change can easily spark an increase in motivation. Being stuck in the same old routine can lead to boredom and lost motivation.


2. Try a new focus


Try changing your technique, or increasing your speed. Focusing on different aspects of your training and changing a habit can ignite a new found love for swimming. As a bonus, it will come with an increase in performance which again will contribute to your motivation. Don’t just work on your endurance!  


3. Make a plan


Make a training schedule plan and stick to it. Sticking to a plan will give you a sense of accomplishment which builds motivation. Starting the plan is the hardest part. Once you have stuck to the plan for a few weeks, and feel like you have achieved something you will not want to do anything to break your plan.


4. Enter an event


Enter an event you want to do as soon as possible. Committing to an event officially can be all that is needed to boost your motivation. Whether it be an open water swim, a triathlon or an Ironman event don’t just talk about it – enter now! Check out our database for your event:



5. Check who else has entered an event


If possible check what your training buddies, competitors or friends may be entering for the season and do the same. This gives you the opportunity to train together or get super competitive and motivated to beat your competitors. Sometimes just knowing a competitor has entered the same race as you is enough to want to get out and train hard!


6. Set goals


Set specific goals of what you want to achieve for the season. These might be simple goals like get top 5 in my age group at a certain event. They may also be complex goals like being able to hold 1.30 per 100m without slipping my catch. Whatever your goals write them down and put them somewhere you can see every day.


7. Get a coach


Doing it on your own is hard! Get a personal coach either through a local swimming squad or online. A coach can make a plan for you, give you the right advice and keep you accountable for your training. A really easy way to get a coach online is through www.swim360.coach. Swim360 Coach offer courses which teach you everything you need to know to do an open water swim or improve your swimming. All the course content is online so can be viewed at your convenience. Each week will have specific training programs with video’s showing you how to do everything. Save time and effort and get the right advice so you can prepare properly.


Carl is head coach at Swim360 Coach, a former Olympian and national champion freestyler. Carl now uses his skills and passion for coaching and competing in the open water.