female swimmer with a long freestyle stroke

Freestyle Hand Entry – Find The Sweet Spot And Speed Up

The way your hand enters the water and stretches forward has a significant impact on your freestyle stroke. Subtle changes in the angle of your

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open water swimmer dolphin diving at the start of a race

5 Ways To Swim Faster In The Open Water

How do I swim faster!? This has got to be the number one question for any open water swimmer or triathlete grinding their way up

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female triathlete swimming freestyle in a pool breathing

3 Steps To Master Breathing For Beginners – How To Not Drink The Pool

Getting a mouth full of water when trying to breathe during freestyle is not a nice experience, and for most people starting out on their

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Female triathlete in bright colored togs with blue cap drinking water from a drink bottle about to jump into a pool

5 tips to optimize your swim training – don’t waste your time

One of the hardest parts about training for an event whether it be an open water swim, a triathlon or Ironman is finding the time

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male swimmer running on the beach in a wetsuit finishing an open water race

Your First Wetsuit – Which Wetsuit Is Best For Me?

Most wetsuit brands offer many different models. Ranging from less expensive entry level wetsuits to high-performance race wetsuits.   Check out the different scenarios below

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Open water swimmers taking a rest during a swim in the ocean

Scared Of Swimming In The Ocean – Don’t Let Your Fears Hold You Back

Terrified of swimming in the ocean or open water? You are not alone. One of the most common things that put people off open water

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female triathlete swimming freestyle with seki ear plugs

Could Ear Plugs Be For You?

The last thing athletes need is to be forced out of the water due to ear issues   Committed open-water and pool swimmers like us,

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female swimmer swimming freestyle in a pool with a good catch

Freestyle Catch And Pull – Stop Spinning The Wheels!

Do you find yourself turning your arms over faster than other swimmers only to go nowhere and quickly run out of breath while they cruise

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female swimmer swimming freestyle with fingers apart

Should your fingers be closed during freestyle?

When swimming freestyle we often do not think about the fingers and what we should be doing with them, with all the other aspects to

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Triathlete swimmers practicing a bunch start in the pool

Open water practice in the pool

Sometimes getting out for a swim in the open water can be a challenge. Location is far away, water is too cold, getting the right

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female swimmer with bright colored togs swimming freestyle in a pool

Head Movement – Easily Improve Your Freestyle

  One very simple and easy thing almost every swimmer can do to improve their swimming is work on keeping their head still. As simple

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A male and female swimmer wearing blue caps and wetsuits getting ready to start a race

The Week Leading Up To Your Event

So you have entered an open water swimming event and suddenly you have only one week left to prepare for your event. There are a

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