The worlds ultimate online swim coaching

Swim360 Coach was created by former Olympic swimmer Carl O’Donnell. Swim360 Coach is your all in one online swimming learning platform. It is the ultimate training platform for passionate triathletes and swimmers of all levels.

Swim360 Coach’s mission is to develop and share content that enables keen open water swimmers to learn, apply and improve skills to reach their goals.
All courses and content are developed by successful swimmers and triathletes that know the game inside and out and have tested different training methods over a number of years. Everyone’s fitness and lifestyles are different and so are the courses to suit your specific needs.

Swimming is not super complicated and does not need to take up all of your time. Improvement and gains can be made by using the right training programs and swimming with the correct technique. Swim360 Coach makes every minute of your training count to save you wasting time and overtraining without making any improvements.

Carl O’Donnell

Carl’s background and current involvement in swimming is the reason Swim360 Coach was born. Carl is a freestyle specialist, winning many national open titles and representing New Zealand at the 2012 London Olympic Games where he swam a 100m freestyle split of 48.74 seconds. Despite being a sprint specialist he now swims and competes in the open water often winning his age group in open water swims in New Zealand’s national series.

Finishing up his international swimming career in the pool he got into coaching and started Swim360 adult swim squads. Over 7 years of coaching and an extensive knowledge base of racing and training for everything from 50m to 10km, Carl has developed coaching skills like no other.

Using his unique diverse coaching skills Carl developed Swim360 Coach with the goal of being able to teach, encourage, and improve any swimmer or want-to-be swimmer in the world.

Our online training programs

Virtual Swim Squad

The virtual swim squad delivers members of the squad 3 new and fresh swim sessions every week. Each session is explained in detail and includes video guides of any drills or skills used in the swim session. It is aimed at triathletes, open water swimmers, and competitive pool swimmers who want to swim with the guidance of an expert coach and improve their swimming.

Open water courses

Swim360 Coach open water courses are for people who want a 6 or 12-week training plan to train for their 500m - 4km open water swim. The courses include swim session plans, video guides of everything you need to know for training and racing in the open water, and bonus videos to make you faster.

Technique and skills courses

The technique and skills courses are for people who want to master their technique or develop a certain skill. Like all the training programs on Swim360 Coach, the technique and skills courses are developed by Carl O’Donnell. Carl’s knowledge of swimming and coaching from sprinting in the pool to swimming the open water makes each and every one of these courses world class. The technique and skills courses are a series of progression video guides teaching you each small and easy step building up to mastering it.

Our free content

We want everyone in the world to be able to improve their swimming in some way this is why we share so much of our knowledge for free.

Free courses

We develop free courses for people to improve on something we see as a common issue. Our free courses are also a good taste of what our more extensive courses are like. The free courses we create are only available for a limited time so if you are a keen swimmer make sure to sign up fast.

Tips and tricks

Our tips and tricks articles are a vast knowledge base covering many different topics related to swimming. Our articles have helped many people improve their swimming. We post new articles regularly.

Social media

Our Facebook and Instagram accounts are great way to check out what we are about. We share useful content that has helped thousands of people improve their swimming.