General Questions

How can I talk to a professional coach if I have any questions?

When you have purchased a course simply log in and select “Chat” on the user panel. Write your message and send, one of our professional coaches will reply to you as soon as possible.

What if an event I want to do is not listed?

If your local event you want to do is not listed, let us know! We will look into adding it to our program. In the meantime you may want to purchase one of our standard courses of 6 or 12 weeks, with a bit of adjusting you can extend or shorten these courses to suit your event you have in mind.

How long do I need to be ready for an open water swim?

Depending on your fitness level and the length of the race you should give yourself longer than 8 weeks to prepare for your swim. The longer you prepare the better result you will get.

What if I am not sure what level swimmer I am?

Take a guess at what level you think you are, all courses start easy and build distance throughout the course so if you get it wrong you will have a chance to build up.

Can I access my course on my smartphone?

Yes, you can use the Swim360 Coach platform like an app on mobile devices, so you can access your course anywhere, anytime.

Can the training courses be done in the open water instead of the pool?

The majority of training sessions on swim360 coach are based on pool swimming sessions, however these could be done in the openwater with the help of a gps watch to track your distance.

Why is my event listed but not my race?

Swim360 coach specialises in open water swimming events 200m to 6km long. We have left off any races over this distance. You can however purchase the course for a different race in the same event and then contact us and we can help tailor it more for a longer distance swim.

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