How To Swim Faster Using 50% Less Energy

Drop your 100m pace by 15 seconds+ in 10-Weeks

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Develop efficient technique so you can swim easier and faster, which means you can drop your swim times, be a lot less exhausted, and never be so puffed you have to stop or slow down. Your breathing will be easier, your legs won't sink, and swimming will become A LOT more enjoyable.

Use the worlds most effective arm catch and pull technique so you can go further forwards through the water every single stroke, which means you will use a lot less strokes and increasing your speed will be a lot easier.

Position your body to allow easier and faster gliding through the water, which means you can put in a lot less effort but still maintain a fast pace. An optimized body position means every other improvement you make will be sky-rocketed. 

Time your arms and legs in a way that means you will not sink even when not kicking, which means you will be able to swim faster without kicking hard - this saves you enormous amounts of energy.


  • Drastically transform your swimming.
  • Lifetime access to ALL of the content.
  • Start whenever you like.
  • Do the program with 1 - 3 (or more if you want) swims a week.
  • Move through the program as fast or slow as you like - tailor it to fit your life schedule.
  • Drop your swim pace.
  • Exit the water fresh.
  • Climb up your age group rankings.
  • Swim faster and easier than ever and forever.

My Guarantee To You

Drop your swim pace in 10 weeks or your money back!

My name is Clare Farrell and I am an AG Triathlete. I was a late starter and was introduced to triathlon at the age of 42, I have competed in many local Olympic and sprint triathlons , 19 x 70.3 Ironman and 5 x full Ironman qualifying for the 70.3 Ironman world championships for the past 3 years.

I had basic Swimming classes at school but nothing formal so going into triathlon the swimming part was my worst discipline. I suffered anxiety attacks at every race when I entered the water and my heart rate soared every time. 

After trolling through so many you tube clips and watching other programs I felt over whelmed with too much information. 

This year I finally was so happy to find the Swim360 program!

I loved the simplicity of the program and the drills and video clips were easy to follow and understand for a non swimmer.

I then signed up for a 12 week program leading up to Dubai 70.3 Ironman . It gave me so much confidence and I incorporated many of the drills in my swimming every week and found I went from 2.10/ 100m to 1.47/100m at my fastest consistently in the pool. 

I competed in Dubai 70.3 2021 last weekend . The most important thing that I achieved was a good solid swim with no anxiety and felt comfortable with a good breathing technique coming out of the water and onto the bike. 

This lead to me achieving a podium position and 2nd place in my AG!

Thank you for keeping the program so easy to follow and simple step by step instructions. I will continue these drills as I lead into my next block of training leading up to the British Triathlon Championships in August this year.

Meet Clare.... Her 100m Pace dropped by 23 seconds which got her on the podium!

Knocked 3 minutes off his 400m time

Smashed 5mins off her 1.6km time after only 4 weeks in the program

Progressed more in 2 months than he had in 5 years

Progressed more in 3 months in the program than his previous 21 months combined

Here is what you get:

- Instant access through your very own account to the Freestyle Accelerator online video drill program.

- The program guides you through a series of simple drills and technical changes that are going to transform your swimming.

- The core modules take 10 weeks, however you can move through the program as fast or as slow as you like.

- You can do the program with 1 - 3 swim sessions a week.

- You have life time access to the content.

- You can start whenever you like.

The Freestyle Accelerator Program has 3 core technique modules.

1. Streamlining Your Vessel

Set up your freestyle body position in the water - allowing you to move through the water in the most efficient way possible. Optimizing this means you are going to save an incredible amount of energy. Allowing you to swim massive distances with ease and be able to swim faster for long periods.

2. Engineering Your Motor

Develop the most energy and speed effective propulsion possible. This means you are going to be able to swim using less strokes but go further and faster through the water every single stroke. This will give you a major advantage over your competition.

3. Maximum Momentum

Develop your rhythm and momentum to maximize your freestyle swimming pace while saving energy. This module will show you exactly how to swim fast but without getting exhausted. 99% of people try to pick up their pace but this results in exhaustion with little to no speed change. After this module you will be able to put in some effort and get massive increases in speed. Your effort to speed change ratio will be equal.

The Freestyle Accelerator program GETS RESULTS GUARANTEED. 

Just take a look below.

1st Female overall! Never been so comfortable in the water

15 seconds per 100 yards faster over 550 yards

Moved into the FAST LANE and kept up!

First time under 1:30/100yds without being exhausted

1st WIN in a half Ironman

If you want to be able to swim easier, swim faster, and swim further without getting exhausted the Freestyle Accelerator is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way for you to get there. 

Developed through years of swimming and coaching experience, trial and error, and innovation.

There is nothing else even close to this program on the planet.

Option 1. OR Option 2.  ??

The Freestyle Accelerator Program will show you step-by-step how to:

Did you know the number one reason people do not get any faster in swimming is not because they don't train hard or spend lot's of time swimming but because they fail to develop the right technique?

Here's the problem you face:

Most people swim with poor technique which makes swimming really hard, exhausting, slow, and not enjoyable.

This poor technique contributes to: 

- Difficulty with breathing technique.

- Slow pace despite lots of effort.

- Sinking legs.

- Exhaustion.

- Hard to swim long distances.

- Speed never changes.

Not having the correct technique means no matter how hard you train or how many hours you swim a week, and years you have put in, you will never really get much faster or swim much easier. You will always be at the back of the pack or your age group or always be starting the bike exhausted.

BUT - It's not your fault! Here's why:

You are fighting natural instincts! Unless you have a background in competitive swimming growing up, there are many aspects of your technique that you have developed through natural human instincts that want you to be on top of the water instead of swimming IN the water going THROUGH the water. These natural instincts slow you down and limit your ability to swim fast and efficient freestyle.

Lucky for you, there is now a battle tested and proven solution.

The Freestyle Accelerator Program - an easy to follow, highly effective swim technique program to show you exactly how to swim not only much faster but with A LOT less energy in as little as 10 weeks.

Created by head coach at Swim360 - Carl O'Donnell. 

Olympian freestyle swimmer, turned expert adult freestyle technician for triathletes, open water swimmers, and masters swimmer.

"I've been perfecting the techniques of adult swimmers for triathlon, and open water for over 10 years - pool side every single day. I have figured out exactly what works and exactly what does not and have innovated the most effective freestyle technique program on the planet. All in an easy to follow online platform - no poolside coach needed"

Check out just a few of the many MIND BLOWING results we get in the program below:

My Guarantee To You

Drop your swim pace in 10 weeks or your money back!