Swim Faster and Further.

Smash Your Goal Time and Distance! 

Even if you don't have much time to train.

  • Not getting the results you want from your current swimming efforts?

  • Stuck at one speed?

  • Not getting much fitter?

  • Lacking the motivation to get to the pool?

  • Wondering what to do for swim training?

Come and join a team of people just like you and train SMART.

After only 4 weeks you will be able to swim FASTER, swim LONGER DISTANCES, swim EASIER, and swim with much more ENJOYMENT! Guaranteed!

$47/month USD

What is it??

The training squad is an online swim training group that gives you access to super effective swim training sessions. These swim sessions ENSURE you get the most out of each and every minute you are in the water. 

Swim faster AND Save time!

The program works in 8-week blocks, every 8-week block you will be working towards a specific exciting virtual event which will happen in the 8th week. Every 8-week block will have a different virtual event. This is obviously optional, but will fire up your motivation!

You will get 3 swim sessions per week designed to increase your speed, stamina, enjoyment, and to make sure you are not wasting your time.

We provide you with video explanations of all swim sets and drills used in the sessions.

We provide you with support within the group for questions.

The swim sessions will have 4 different ability levels, and can also be customized to suit your own ability.

Cancel anytime!

$47/month USD

Cancel anytime!

Meet Your Coaches

Swim session delivery

Online training group to boost your swim speed and efficiency made for...

  • Triathletes
  • Open water swimmers
  • Ironman athletes
  • Half Ironman athletes
  • Fitness swimmers
  • Wannabe triathletes/OW swimmers

Each swim session will be posted in the Swim360 Training Squad Facebook Group AND in another group on the Swim360 platform incase you do not have Facebook. 

Each swim session will include...

  • A video explaining exactly how to do it including videos showing you how to do any drills.
  • Printable versions.
  • Quick view versions for your phone.
  • An accountability function.
  • Open water swim session versions

We will also include an overview and plan for each 8-week block.


Olympian, expert adult freestyle optimizer.

Training squad role:

Head program and swim session designer + support


Competed at World Swim Champs, expert adult freestyle optimizer.

Training squad role:

Coaching support

Do you want to be part of an exciting group of like minded people all working together to be able to swim faster and swim further?

AND to maximize your training time so you can actually get faster and improve your swim times BUT save time in your life also?

Then the Swim360 Training Squad is for you!

$47/month USD

Cancel anytime!

Everyone improves and performs better in a group environment, but with our busy lives and individual schedules - this is hard to do...

Not now! The Training Squad will be your group environment ready for you to use whenever and wherever you want.

Come join the team!






If for some reason this is not for you - not a problem!!

30 Day no questions asked money back guarantee!

If for some reason this is not for you - not a problem!!

30 Day no questions asked money back guarantee!

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4 Steps To A Master Freestyle Catch

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