Learn And Master Breathing For Freestyle

Do you find it hard getting used to breathing when swimming freestyle?

Are you often struggling for breath, and sometimes taking on water in your mouth?

Imagine being able to swim freestyle with seamless breathing and not letting your breathing hold you back! With some technical changes, this can easily be YOU!

Our course Learn And Master Breathing For Freestyle is the ultimate progression breakdown to teach you the exact steps to master your breathing! You do not need to be a super athlete or a super learner to achieve perfect breathing, anyone can achieve it with the right teaching. With our proven methods YOU can master your breathing and progress your freestyle to new heights. Do not let this small aspect of freestyle hold you back! 

Thousands of people have mastered their breathing with our easy to implement step by step progression system. Now you can too!

Let us take care of your swimming goals, you are in the very best hands!

Carl O’Donnell head coach of Swim360 and the Swim360 team is a former Olympic sprint freestyler and now an expert coach and open water national age group champion. Being successful from 50m freestyle to 5km open water freestyle has given him an understanding and skill set like no other swimming coach.

Now YOU can access his knowledge and swim faster and easier while saving time by doing what is necessary to improve and cutting out what is not.

Swim360 run adult swim squads, private lessons, and video analysis in Auckland New Zealand. They have helped thousands of swimmers at every level become faster. It is with this experience that we created our online coaching platform to help people all over the world swim faster and easier. Stop struggling through your swimming, making no improvements and JOIN US to swim easier and faster.

  • No improvements in your swimming after 60 days?

    We are committed in making YOU a better swimmer, if for some reason you are not completely satisfied just email us at coach@swim360.coach and we will give you a 100% refund

I have taken 2 courses from Swim360 in the last 4 months, both making significant improvements to my swimming. They make so much sense and are easy to follow. Best swim coaching I have ever had!Julia Morrison

What you get

  • Step by step video guides to level up your skills

  • Learn from an Olympian and expert coach to make swimming easier

  • Swim faster in your triathlon, open water, Ironman or pool swim

  • No risk 60 day money back guarantee