3 Speed Drills To Make You Faster

Increasing your swimming speed is important! If you have the ability to change pace easy and the ability to sprint fast, you will have an advantage over everyone.


Sprinters are born with fast twitch muscles, which allow them to sprint naturally. If you tend to lean more towards the slow twitch side – you still can improve your speed and become fast! It just takes some practice.


A really effective way to improve your swimming speed is to use speed drills to help you learn to get your arms around faster and to force you to use your maximum speed. Below are 3 speed drills you can use in your training combined with sprinting to make you faster.


1. Freestyle with butterfly kick


female swimmer wearing black togs doing a freestyle speed drill

Kick as fast as you can while doing 1 stroke per kick. This will force your arms to have to keep up with your kicks.


2. Butterfly with freestyle kick


female swimming butterfly with freestyle kick

Swim butterfly as fast as you can while doing freestyle kick. This forces you to swim flat, rather than in a dolphin diving like motion as you would with swimming normal butterfly. Swimming flat butterfly requires you to get your arms around as fast as you can. It also forces you to kick as fast as you can in order to keep you from sinking.


3. Freestyle fist sprints


swimming freestyle with fists closed

Sprint freestyle as fast as you can with your fists fully closed. Swimming with fists closed allows you to move your hand through the water faster than you would if your hand was open. This allows you to really spin your arms as fast as you can.

Carl is head coach at Swim360 Coach, a former Olympian and national champion freestyler. Carl now uses his skills and passion for coaching and competing in the open water.