surfer riding a wave

Swim Training For Surfing

Surfing is great fun, however surfing when fit is even more fun! Being surf fit means you can get out the back of the waves

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male swimmer in a pool swimming butterfly

Swim All Strokes To Improve Fitness

If you have ever swum a large medley set (fly, back, breast, free) you will know just how hard it is! Most people only want

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What Equipment Should I Get For Swim Training?

The great thing about swimming is that you do not need much equipment. A pair of goggles, a swimsuit, a pool or open water, and

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female swimming freestyle

What Should I Work On With My Technique?

Improving your swimming technique can be an overwhelming task. Swimming has so many different technical aspects and developing all these can be confusing and frustrating.

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filming a swimmer with a smartphone

Easily Film Your Swimming For Improvement

Knowing what you look like when you are swimming is hard, the image you have in your head of what you may be doing when

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male open water swimmer warming up for a race

4 Point Warm Up Check List – Swim At Your Best

If you are wanting to perform at your best you need to have a decent warm up! Starting a race cold is a fast way

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male swimming freestyle in a pool demonstrating rotation

Freestyle rotation – How to do it

In ideal freestyle, you should go from streamline rotated on one side to streamline rotated on the other side in a smooth and fluid motion.

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a male and female triathlete transitioning from the swim to the bike

9 Tips To Master Your Swim To Bike Transition In A Triathlon

If you are a triathlon newbie or are interested in improving your triathlon transition skills, we have a few tricks of the trade to share

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streamline female swimmer

Streamline Streamline Streamline! The Importance Of Keeping Straight

The fastest way through the water is when your body is in its most streamline position. When swimming freestyle it is best to be as

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3 Speed Drills To Make You Faster

Increasing your swimming speed is important! If you have the ability to change pace easy and the ability to sprint fast, you will have an

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female swimmer wearing a wetsuit starting an open water swim by running into the water from the beach

Starting An Open Water Swim As A Female – 3 Tips For You!

If you are a female triathlete or open water swimmer you are going to find that although the number of females getting into these sports

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Swimrun athlete with blueseventy alliance wetsuit running into the water

Not A Runner? Don’t Be Scared Of Doing A Swimrun Event

The run in a long swimrun event like Breca or Otillo may look scary from a swimmer’s point of view, but remember the swim may

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